About Rebekah and Just Good Energy

Rebekah Winquest is a nutritionist, educator and food artisan. She’s been counseling clients for years on how to get healthy, and came to the conclusion early on that some folks just don’t have the time to customize and make their own food. Moreover, she found that not all healthy foods are created alike. Many are either overpriced or just don’t have the nutrients and flavor that most schedules and taste buds demand. In short, she believes that healthy food should be more energetic and taste more alive and flavorful than compromised foods.

Rebekah has spent the last decade crafting a menu of raw ,vegan and complex carb meals that are meticulously prepared with the most natural, organic, and energetic combination of ingredients. Every raw nut and grain has been soaked and sprouted for digestion and optimal energy conversion. Her raw foods are dehydrated under 115 degrees so that the body can take advantage of the full health benefits of each ingredient. Most importantly, she believes that the best foods on Earth can also taste as scrumptious as they are alive and nutritious.

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