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This Shake is a Must for Pregnancy

I want to remind everyone of the Baby Shake I created over 3 years ago. I am very passionate to help families get healthy. This shake is the best place to start and is one of the most beneficial and nutritious foods you can eat during pregnancy and nursing.  This whole food shake is not limited to pregnancy and nursing but is also great for women of all ages (ok, my husband drinks it too and feels amazing:)

The baby shake is a complete meal and you could drink more than once a day.  I admit that in the first few months of my pregnancy I was not able to stomach the green superfoods or chia seeds but now in my 4th month I crave it as soon as my eyes open in the morning and feel an incredible amount of energy and balance.  Here are the star ingredients which you can of course vary depending on desired protein and greens:

  1. A high-quality green superfood blend(for pregnancy be sure it does not have added herbs such as eleuthero/ginseng, echinacea, milk thistle, and any other herbs not recommended for pregnancy).  Only choose raw and organic varieties thathave not only the wheat and/or barley grass juice but also the sea veggies (kelp & dulce) and algae (blue-green, spirulina, E3 live, Klamath Lake algae, etc).  This combination of green superfoods is a powerhouse of dense nutrients, energy and alkalinity.  Women ask if it is enough to just eat a large variety of organic vegetables and I say no because the soil that organic food is grown in is still deficient of valuable nutrients and minerals which are present and easily absorbed in the  green superfoods.  Think of the greens like a multi vitamin that should be consumed by everyone of all ages – even my 3 year old drinks it daily :)   During my last pregnancy I used Raw Reserve Green Superfood by Amazing Grass.
  2. Protein & Protein Powder:It can be difficult to get enough high quality raw protein in the diet.  Absorbable organic protein is essential during pregnancy and nursing and during the times when you feel sick and can’t eat enough, adding protein to this shake makes a huge difference.  I have 3 favorites for protein: chia seed, hemp seed and goat milk protein.  I like to add a Tbsp of chia seeds to the shake (provides more calcium than milk and high protein) along with either hemp or goat protein powder.  Be careful with hemp protein.  There are some brands that sell at a cheap price around $10.  I have looked into them and they are generally cheaper because the powder is mostly the hull or fiber with little protein.  Look for a hemp protein that has at least 15-20g protein per serving and is raw and organic.
  3. Coconut Water: This beverage is one of the most important liquids a pregnant and nursing mom can drink.  The Lauric acid and minerals present help with milk supply and production.  The electrolytes and minerals help to replenish the body and keep hydrated.  The water is also great for constipation, digestion & energy.  I add this to every shake and drink 2-3 more times throughout the day.
  4. Extra Additions: I know supplements can get pricey but if you were to add anything else to this shake that would be algae-based DHA which is the purest and cleanest source of DHA.  You could of course take a high-quality fish oil but if you have access to the algae DHA I highly recommend it.

Directions: Add one serving of each ingredient to a blender (I generally use about 1 cup of coconut water).  To this I like to add one whole peeled orange, 1/2 a banana, 2 ice cubes  and a handful of frozen organic berries.  You might want to add a few drops of stevia or maple syrup/honey to balance out the extra green taste of the superfoods. Blend on high and enjoy.  Best time to drink this to absorb the most out of it is 1st thing in the morning but of course it is beneficial any time of the day.

*Another reason this drink is so important…With the rise of illnesses including Autism in children one of the best steps you can take to help prevent this is to eat as nutritionally possible during pregnancy along with minimizing environmental toxins as much as possible.  For example, use chemical-free & pure natural skin care products, detergents, shampoo, cleaning products, etc, and minimize plastic use which all can have an effect on the growing child in your womb.  This superfood baby shake helps to detoxify and prevent the harm done by environmental toxins.  More to come on this topic later…

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3 Comments on “This Shake is a Must for Pregnancy”

  1. Auntie Vickie Says:

    Glad to see you are feeling better. What happened with the dental issue?
    Also – question – I read about using baking soda/water paste as shampoo and apple cider vinegar as conditioner ans Christa says you use these. Article said not to get vinegar on your scalp. Why? How do you apply?
    Hope you are enjoying your new place. Send pix!
    Love, AV

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi, I have a question for you. I am 5 months pregnant and bought the ingredients to make your shake today. I hear so many conflicting things that I am so confused. I purchased the Amazing Grass green superfood raw reserve. After looking at the ingredients I saw that there was aloe vera in it. Aloe vera is on my “do not take while pregnant” list. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks so much

  3. admin Says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I actually took about 90% of the time during both my pregnancies and while nursing the Vitamineral Greens. I didn’t realize the Raw Reserve had that much aloe in it. I took it on occasion but did the best with the Vitaminerals – I should probably update that on the post. It is recommended to avoid aloe and I do agree that it is better to minimize or avoid. A small amount should be ok but because we have no idea how much is actually added to the Raw Reserve it is probably best to be safe and avoid. I am sorry to cause you the extra trip of returning it but if there is any concern at all I would stick with the Vitaminerals. I order Vitaminerals online at http://www.pureforumlas.com which seems to be the best price along with Amazon.

    Let me know if you have any further question,
    Rebekah Winquest

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