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Got Matcha’s Matcha Green Tea

If you have read any of my previous blogs and articles then you probably know how much I adore and even revere Matcha green tea!  Time for a Matcha update :)   I have been buying my matcha from a new tea company called Got Matcha that has the best tasting matcha, the best prices on line and compared to stores and is certified organic.  If you have not tried pure Matcha green tea yet then I highly recommend it.  It is the most amazing source of energy and mental clarity!

I find it interesting that when I recommend to my clients to buy Matcha green tea they have the hardest time finding it.  Only a few stores sell it and most charge as much as $15-20 per ounce which is crazy!  Even buying matcha online is generally overpriced and not too many companies actually sell to consumers (they usually like to sell only wholesale to companies).  I could not afford to buy it from the store or most online companies which is why I am constantly searching for the best sources and prices.  Got Matcha has the best price out there in an affordable range.

My goal here is to simply provide you with what I feel is a great find and a high quality product – I don’t want to sound like a salesman!  I get excited when I find a new product or company that I love and want to share it with everyone.  At the very least try drinking a couple cups of Matcha tea in the afternoon when you get that sleepy lull and see how you feel.  I am drinking some right now as I type.  To be honest, without my afternoon matcha/green superfood drink it would be difficult to research and write while my son takes a nap!!  Having a 2 year old does not leave you with much brain power by his 2pm nap time :)

Health Benefits: Matcha Green Tea is an amazing source of energy, focus and mental clarity.  It is known as the “Ceremonial Tea” in Japan.  Matcha is consumed in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, Chanoyu, for optimal clarity and meditation.  Matcha, which means “powdered tea”, is made from aged green tea leaves which are then harvested, steamed and dried.  They are later ground into a fine bright green powder, known as Matcha.

Matcha Green tea is far superior in antioxidants (catechins & polyphenols), minerals (Calcium), trace minerals and Vitamins (A, B-Complex, C, E & K) to all other forms of tea.  Green tea has been praised for its antioxidant properties.  Compared to all other teas, Matcha contains about 10 to 15 times the antioxidants per serving.  When common green tea (in a bag) is steeped, only 5-10% of the powerful nutrients are infused into the water.  Matcha, on the other hand, provides 100% of all the nutrients and health benefits.  It is like eating a whole versus a partial food.  Unlike other green teas, drinking Matcha is actually drinking the leaves and the whole tea plant itself.  Therefore, Matcha is much more concentrated in every possible nutrient and is very easily absorbed.   

Matcha is also a good source of the amino acid L-theanine.  Theanine contributes to relaxation (increases alpha waves in the brain), calmness, and sustained concentration.  I make a huge cup of Matcha tea daily before sitting down to write and work.  It really gives me the energy, endurance, focus and clairty needed!

We have all heard that green tea can help increase metabolism.  However, Matcha is much more effective than other green teas.  Because it is more concentrated and absorbs better into the blood stream, it has a greater influence on metabolism, digestion, cleansing, and minimizing the appetite.   

I recommend 1-3 tsp daily mixed with water or blended into a smoothie.  Start with ½ – 1 tsp daily and then gradually increase amounts to desired energy and focus needs.  I wouldn’t drink more than 1 tsp at a time, it is best to drink 1 teaspoon twice a day.  Matcha is a great replacement for coffee and other caffeinated beverages.  Drink up!

You can watch the video at my home page called “Green Tea of the Samurai” where I demonstrate how I make my matcha drink.  A quick recap of Matcha’s benefits include mental stimulation, clarity, focus, boosts metabolism, sustained energy, mood elevation, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and even aids digestion after eating a heavy meal.

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4 Comments on “Got Matcha’s Matcha Green Tea”

  1. Arlene Says:

    Thanks Rebekah!
    Can’t wait to try it. I noticed on their website that there are several types. Matcha Premium (certified organic), Matcha Supreme (highest grade). I’m wondering which one you tasted, which had the less-bitter taste?

  2. Bob & Donna Says:

    We bought chef’s quality Japanese matcha green tea from Avateas. It was quick and easy ordering off the website. Shipping for us was fast and free. The tea itself is wonderful. A real energy boost with no after effect like the letdown from coffee. We have found ways to make it quite delicious and we will continue to use this product for a real pick- me – up and for it’s health benefits.

  3. Matcha Latte | Living on D Street Says:

    [...] you enjoy substantially more of the many beneficial nutrients of green tea. Some of the other positive effects (thank-you, Rebekah, for motivating me to give this yummy drink a try): improved metabolism, [...]

  4. admin Says:

    You are welcome! Just to let you know within the next couple of weeks Avateas is going to do a special promo with my site where any of my readers who order their matcha tea will get probably 20% off and free shipping. Just thought I would pass that along :)

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