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Fat Burning Lemonade

A friend of mine, Greg Joujon-Roche, has created a product called Fat Burning Lemonade www.FatBurningLemonade.com that is definitely worth sharing because it is not only natural but encourages health and helps to prolong endurance with your workouts.  Not to mention it targets the fat-burning process of the body helping it to work more efficiently.

If you have been following my blogs you will know that I am not one to push weight loss products.  My natural approach to weight loss is through lifestyle changes; natural foods, more raw foods, cleansing, green drinks, matcha tea, exercise and minimizing acidity.  The closest I have come to recommending a weight loss product is encouraging Matcha Green Tea, chia seeds and superfood blends until now. 

Greg has very similar nutrition philosophies as myself and promotes healthy eating and cleansing with his clients – he is not only a product innovator but a well-respected personal trainer in Hollywood.  He has been giving clients this Fat Burning Lemonade for years and they have had great results losing fat in the form of pounds and experiencing good energy during and even after workouts.  Here is the link to his Fat Burning Lemonade site where you can watch a video of Greg explaining how it works and read more about this product: http://www.fatburninglemonade.com/MoreAboutFBL.htm

I myself used it this past month to see how it would make me feel and if I would notice anything since I am mainly running around with my 2 year old unable to have actual workout sessions often.  I am not trying to lose weight but am always looking for more energy to keep up with my son and ways to tone my muscles 10 minutes here and there with squats and pushups.  I have noticed more energy when I drink the FBL around the times when I am out playing with my son.  I generally drink about 1/3 of my drink before taking my son to the park and finish it over the 3 hours I am chasing him on the playground and I notice I sweat more and feel the internal heat (increased metabolism).  I have also noticed that if I drink a bunch at one time it has a mild laxative effect so it could be helpful if you ate a heavy meal and follow it one hour later with the FBL.

I have gleaned from Greg’s site and posted a few of the main points he wrote about the ingredients and how to take it…

The two main ingredients and what they do:

  1. Acetyl L-Carnitine promotes energy production by enhancing fat oxidation in the cell mitochondria, which means it helps you more efficiently burn fat. 
  2. D-ribose helps your body to produce more energy by enhancing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production.
  3. By having more energy to expend (d-ribose) and being able to burn fat more efficiently (l-carnitine); your workouts will be at their peak level, recovery will be quick, and fat consumption as fuel will be optimal.

Fat Burning Lemonade in a nut shell

  • Supports the body to turn fat into energy
  • Therefore transporting fatty acids enhancing metabolism
  • Excellent to use during exercise, energize every workout
  • Therefore enhancing fat oxidation promoting energy
  • As an antioxidant & free radical scavenger
  • Zero  effect on insulin
  • Ideal for SUGAR-FREE and LOW CARB diets
  • Pleasant, Cooling Sweetness with Natural Lemon flavor

How to take it: Mix 1tsp with 6-8 ounces of water and fresh lemon juice.  Ideally taken on an empty stomach before a workout because it increases endurance and metabolism.  On a day that you are not active it can be taken 2 hours after a meal to assist the body with “fat utilization”.  You could also add 2 scoops of the FBL and add to 32 ounces of water along with lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne and drink throughout the day (this is what I do).

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